Special Events

Special Events is a professional service offering elegant and authentic Brazilian dance, music and culture for your guests, students, employees, group members, and communities.

Luciana accommodates your team's specific needs and together with you configures the perfect Brazilian performance, special event, educational program, and inspiration for your gathering. 

For children, beginners, and general audiences, Luciana is a dedicated and inspiring teacher who introduces new students to simple forms, culture and costuming. She also trains and lectures advanced students in her traditional specialties or modern adaptations of them for world dance, ethno-musicology, choreography and other courses.

Contact Luciana so she can develop a program specifically to fit your needs.

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Customizing traditional Brazilian dance and music for your audience.

  • solo performance followed by picture session
  • group performance from 45-90 minutes
  • live music or recorded

Special Events

Tailoring the joyful, lavish Brazilian dance, music, and culture for your Carnaval, festival, or fundraising event.

  • dance, costumes and music rich with tradition
  • parade

Education & Inspiration

Creating cultural presentations that inform and celebrate Brazil for your live or televised audience.

  • costumes representing diversity of Brazil
  • photographs, sound and music
  • English and Portuguese